3d artist/animator, architectural designer

Ken has over 15 years experience within the 3D visualisation, architectural design, marketing and digital media fields. He has worked on projects of various sizes for clients all around the world, primarily servicing  architectural, mining and engineering industries. He has delivered over 350min of animated film and more than 500 rendered images. Originally hailing from S.Korea, Ken brought his professional design experience with project success stories and architectural design awards (Membrane, UIA, POSCO, Seoul City and more)  to the table of DBOX animation studio in 2015. His work has appeared in some of Australia's most respected publications such as , Perthnow and ABCnews.

He works as sole trader since 2018 when DBOX ptyltd has ceased to exist.

Now he quite often builds a small team of experienced freelancers to respond to large projects effectively. This is due to maintaining the high level of services at the competitive cost. 

- Special interest

He is certified producer DJ (Certi III in Music). He enjoy EDM, squash, rock climbing and picnic with his family. 


3d visualisation, Melbourne Australia

Since 2015, we quickly found our niche focusing on high-end luxury interiors and exterior. We have an extensive experience rendering 3d images and animations for architectural development and mining industries. We take time to make sure the composition of our renderings not only sell the image, but also try to add extra details to convey the emotions tied to the design aesthetics.

We work closely with architects, designers and developers to make sure the 3d images we deliver meets their upmost expectations. Our clients appreciate the great commitment over the duration of a project. We understand that the renderings in a proposal carry multiple purposes, early phases can be to ensure effective design communication between designer and client, later versions can be used for marketing. We are also providing complex sequencing of 3D models to assist with execution methodology for tender submission, construction/erection planning and stakeholder engagement presentations.

We believe that presentation is everything and a visual can be the most effective way to communicate design intent. Whether we are working from concept sketches or final models, we know how to balance these deliverable to maximize efficiency in the early phases whilst maintaining a momentum to deliver stunning final product at the finish.  

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Wow achieved!!
David Cinamon(K2 Chairman)
labeled the animation world class.
The Dupont folks were blown away.
Very well done.
- LARRY JOHNES, Buehler & Buehler